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 About webpages

About Forechi-web

This website is the homepage which a cosplayer's "High_forest" is managing.
It created in order to mainly publish our profile, clothes, an event participating schedule, a social dispatch place etc. which can be worn.

after -- a circle homepage or copy unit -- very much as [ become / it is alike and ]

About renewal website

On this website, when it page-creates and updates, although it may carry out on our website, we announce you updating information in a twitter and a blog fundamentally.

It turns out that it checks and gets it in that one since the theme in a blog is considering it as "ホムペ更新関係".


This website assumes it activity as a personal site of alone "High_forest"of the costume play year.

In addition, I do the costume play of the existing work, but there are not the relations with author, developer at all.

In the contents of the Japanese version homepage, since a part of English-language edition homepage uses the translation service on the Internet, it has incomprehensible contents in part.